Inspired: Wish

When we are young, we wish for everything.

My junior year of college is quickly ending and I cannot stop worrying about the future. Usually the future holds a hopeful presence in my mind, but lately I feel like Alice in her never-ending descent down the rabbit hole. I was searching for some remedying nature pictures and came across the picture above, which evoked reflection upon my many dandelion wishes.

Famous actress.. Olympic gymnast.. Harvard degree.. Castle.. Mrs. DeCaprio..

Yep, I had some big dreams. But that’s the beauty of being young – the imagination is immeasurable. There is no sense of cost or the possibility of failure.

Then, you get into high school and learn about SATs and college counselors. And the search for your place in the world begins. For me, it seemed like a simple equation. Creativity + math skills = architecture (that’s how my counselor put it). It took me about a month into freshman year at college to realize that everything wasn’t adding up. I got caught up in how others saw me and forgot about my own inner desires. I lost sight of what I used to dream about.  

After a great deal of contemplation, I finally changed my major to Journalism (big contrast, I know). The best part about my major is how my degree promotes a multitude of job possibilities, which has reawakened my imagination. I could be an art editor, a freelance writer, a fashion correspondent, or even the next Giuliana Rancic.

Even at 21, I still want to believe that all things are possible. That may be the reason why I will never give up my Disney movies or playing dress-up. So, go find your field, grab a dandelion, and wish big!

Happy wishful thinking!

– E. Tappen


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