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I’ve heard that the first step to admitting you have a problem is by public acknowledgement.

“Hi, my name is Emmy, and I am a mind-blogger.”

What is a mind-blogger, you ask? Well, I am both a loyal blog reader and follower and I hope one day to be a part of a reputable blog/publication. The problem is – I believe I have nothing follow-worthy to contribute to the blogging world, so, I write my only-interesting-to-me posts in my expansive mind (a.k.a. mind-blogging).

Why do I think my blogging presence will be underwhelming? Well, I live a simple life in a small town on the Central Coast of California called San Luis Obispo. You may have only heard of this town from the brief “Happiest Town in America” acclaim a couple years back. I graduated from Cal Poly only three months ago (hard to believe it has already been that long), and I now join the ranks of employment-seeking alumni.

I also face a dilemma that I have heard about for many years, but never thought I myself would succumb to. The crippling I-don’t-know-what-I-want-to-do-with-my-life thing. Yup, I am also a cliche.

I can’t shake this everpresent feeling of “limbo” because most of my life choices have been fairly easy to make. Staying out of trouble, making good grades, and going to college make up the key findings in the last decade of my existence.

The biggest decision of my life thus far was to move across the country to attend college, but was made easier by the fact that my mother moved to California only nine months prior. Now, with college diploma in hand, I find myself indecisive on which road to take next. I don’t mind change, but I know that one wrong decision could leave me forever wondering “what if”, and I think that would be worse than keeping my quaint and reasonably boring life on the Central Coast.

So, I’ve decided (for once) to keep my mind busy in the meantime with this blog. I have done a lot of writing in the past for projects, internships, and school, but none that really explored my own interests and hobbies.

The premise of this new blog is “actions speak louder than verbs”. Punny, right? In short, I will write about the verbs I like, dislike, and need. Verbs that will (hopefully) lead me to a happy and fulfilling next stage in life. I also secretly hope that these posts will spark others to maybe add some more verbs in their life instead of just thoughts.

“Blog” is my first choice because I need more online journaling in my life if I want to build my writing skills and learn to form more intriguing content. I admire the people who take trendy coffee shop photos while they whip up daily doses of inspiration and fashion and news, and I know that this is a dedicated undertaking if I want to do this thing right. Hopefully, I succeed. Stay tuned.



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