Central Coast PR-Spectives

OPTIONS Family of Services:

Goal: Raise awareness for a local non-profit dedicated to assisting the mentally disabled
Objective: Generate both pre and post-press for a first-time benefit concert at the Madonna Inn Expo Center
Task: Co-write and disseminate a post-event press release describing major success of event (sold out; $40,000 raised)
Task: Film and create a concise, informative video encompassing the company’s mission statement for future use
Task: Create a fun highlight reel from amateur video of the benefit concert


KCPR Radio:

Goal: Create a concise brand for the student-run, non-profit radio station at Cal Poly
Objective: Establish baseline branding components (mission, vision statements, slogan) to establish a long-standing image to gain recurring sponsors.
Task: Develop first-ever mission and vision statements, along with slogan to improve cohesiveness of brand
Task: Assist with website redesign to include the new branding elements and improve userability and functionality
Task: Design and create an eight-page sponsorship packet to recruit five new long-term patrons to the organization


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