Adobe InDesign Magazine Spread:

Conceptualize and create a magazine feature spread using Adobe InDesign CS. All photos and text have been provided — you cannot alter or shorten the text. Using your knowledge of page layout and image analysis, create a multi-page layout that features an infographic.

*To see detailed images, view the finished product on here

Adobe Illustrator Business Card:

Employing some of Adobe Illustrator’s (CS) vector-based design tools, create a standard size business card that includes the following: customized brush designs, an imported picture, text, and one polygon. Make sure to pay attention to color, form depth, and graphic movement.

Adobe InDesign Newspage:

Create one broadsheet news page using Adobe InDesign CS adhering to modern style guide parameters. ALL SPACING MUST BE UNIFORM. Incorporate a sidebar element, banner, pull quote, mugshot, and graphical elements into your design.

** Click on the picture to view in a separate page and zoom in on your browser!

Adobe Photoshop/Pixlr Photo Collage:

Using the website Pixlr, design and create a themed collage comprised of text and images gathered from the Web. Project will be graded on how well you use Photoshop tools, including Elliptical Crop, Brightness/Darkness, Filters, Border/Stroke, Lasso, and Text.

Theme: Driving for pleasure in the 1950’s


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